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Quotes Jaren, was very professional, courteous and honest. I was in a great hurry to have my backyard overhauled before the ground froze. I didn?t want to wait until Spring. I needed the old grass removed, weeping tile installed to solve drainage issues, interlocking stones and stone step, armor stones, re-grade the entire backyard and install new grass. I wanted all this done quick and within a small budget. I didn?t think it was possible. Jaren assured me that he could get the job done. He started the work on October 30th and finished on November 6th, but we only had 3 dry days. Jaren had to bring in extra help to get the job done, he also had to order so much more soil than originally anticipated, but did not charge me more. He stayed within my budget. I?m not sure who?s prouder of this job, me or Jaren. It was too late in the season to plant anything behind the armor stone wall, and Jaren has a vision for how it should look. I would definitely hire Jaren again. Quotes
Tina - Markham
Re-Grading, Sod, Armor Stone Wall, Garden Bed Intallation

Quotes Craig and Jaren were great to work with. They both took the time to assess the situation and suggest a solution that works for my yard and fits in budget. They have the right tools for the job and take the time to do things right. They are very fair and reasonable to work with, when it comes to changes, extras, or working through any misunderstandings. I would have them back to do another project anytime and will continue to recommend them to my friends. Quotes
BG Foster North York
Drainage system, stone patio, regrading, and re-sodding

Quotes Both my neighbours house and mine have downspouts that pour into a lawn swale. This killed the grass and left large areas of soggy mess around our foundations. We had Cabana install a weeping tile and cover the area with gravel. This has helped to push the water away from the houses and help improve the drainage in this area. We were very pleased with the quality of the materials and their helpful suggestions. We look forward to working with them on other projects in the future. Quotes
K. Frances - Toronto
Drainage Solution

Quotes These guys were professionals in every sense of the word. They were courteous to deal with, impressive with their knowledge and meticulous in their work. I called them to redo the paver patio walkway at the side of my house, because there was some drainage issues caused by a different landscaper who originally laid it. I went with them, because they are the only landscapers whose website explicitly says they specialize in drainage. They had to work through some cold rainy days, but that did not stop them. The first day I called them for an estimate, Craig Ward showed up that same evening, right at the agreed upon time. Quotes
Craig J. in Maple 1 of 3
Interlock and Drainage

Quotes My concerns were drainage and he seemed very knowledgeable on the topic and came up with a detailed solution on how to deal with it. From this day until the time they actually did the work, I would pester Craig nearly daily with some of my questions and concerns. I expected him to get fed up with all my questions, but he never did. He always gave me knowledgeable answers and assured me that he was going to do it the right way and all my drainage concerns would be solved. When they showed up they had all the best tools of the trade for excavating and trench digging etc. He noticed part of my problem was the hard clay soil under one part of the walkway that was getting a lot of water. Although it was not part of our original work order, Craig dug down a foot through this hard clay by hand to install some High Performance Base to allow good drainage in this spot and ensure that any water that hits there will drain right into the weeping system he installed for me. Quotes
Craig J. in Maple 2 of 3
Interlock and Drainage

Quotes He did not do this because I asked him to, but just because it was the right thing to do. There are many other examples where Craig went above and beyond like this. Now the job is finished and it looks great. I am just waiting for the weather to get a bit better, so that Craig can come back to install the polymeric sand, which needs a few sunny days to cure properly. Other landscapers I talked to would not offer to come back like that just to do the sand. I was very impressed with the professionalism of Cabana Landscaping. My house still needs a lot more landscaping and there is no doubt that I will be calling Cabana Landscaping again when that time comes. Quotes
Craig J. in Maple 3 of 3
Interlock and Drainage

Quotes Craig and Jaren were amazing to work with. They were prepared when they came to do the estimate for the work, they provided a written quote and details about what work needed to be done. They were on time and did the work as promised in the time frame provided. We were so impressed with how they resolved the drainage issues that we got them to come and re-sod the backyard. Amazing workmanship. Very professional guys who stand behind their work. Will definitely call them in the future for any landscaping needs. Quotes
Erik in Aurora
Drainage Problem and Sod Replacement

Quotes We have had somewhat of a swamp for a backyard for the last couple of years and previous attempts to fix it haven't worked. Craig and Jaren were great to deal with from the quote to the completion of the job. They were very professional, kind and went above and beyond for the entire job. We loved that they outlined all the options we had and then actually told us that some of the more expensive ones were actually not necessary and we could solve the problem at a lower cost. All of the Cabana staff were a pleasure to have at our property and we will definitely call them back for any landscaping needs in the future. Quotes
Brett in Thornhill
Fixed Drainage Problem and Re-Sodded Yard

Quotes Cabana Landscaping has provided my company with professional and dependable maintenance on a number of our buildings, providing a service above and beyond contractual obligations. We would highly recommend hiring them for your commercial properties. Quotes
Kim Liu
Property Manager